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Personal Event Campaign Creation
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You are the Champion of this personal event campaign. After you create your campaign, your personal Web page will be immediately available. You can then access a special Champion Center to customize your Web page, as well as create and send emails about your campaign.

New Personal Event Campaign Information:



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The following image shows how the content elements are arranged on your default fund page. As you work with the sections below, the corresponding section in the image will highlight to indicate where that information will be located on the default fund page layout.


Your Fund Page: Your Fund Page:


Enter a descriptive label, such as your name or your event's name, to help people find your campaign when they search for it. This name will also be used as the initial title for your personal Web page. You can edit this later in your Champion Center.




Adding a compelling story may help inspire people to donate to this campaign. The story you enter here will be visible to others as soon as you finish creating your campaign. You can make changes or add more to this story later in your Champion Center.




You can display one image on your Web page to add a personal touch and inspire people to support your campaign. You can change this image later in your Champion Center. To provide more images, you can create and link to Photo Albums from your Champion Center.


Upload an Image:

1. Prepare your image.
Images must be .gif files. Uploaded images must fit within in a 225 x 300 pixel space to be accepted. The maximum acceptable file size is 1.5 Mb.

2. Select the file.
Enter the name of the file on your computer or use the browse button to select the file. Please be sure you have the permission to upload any photograph of a child under the age of 18.

If unable to access browse button, press enter key here to launch the browse dialog..

3. Click the upload image button.



Entering a fundraising goal encourages people to give generously to your cause.

Suggested Goal: $500.00


Enter a short statement to display with your campaign's name in search results and to distinguish this campaign from others with similar names. Consider entering a brief statement about your event and your passion for fighting diabetes in this field. You can edit this later in your Champion Center.




Clicking the following check box hides this campaign in search results. Only those people to whom you send a link will be able to view your private campaign.


Do not display this campaign in lists or during searches.