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2023 Tour de Cure: Chicagoland has its own character and style—from a unique starting point to the gorgeous local scenery and so much more! No matter which route you choose, you will enjoy a fun day at this event for such a great cause.

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Many Roads. One Purpose.

Tour de Cure is our premier cycling event for all ages and abilities. Choose the course that best suits you, your family, friends, and coworkers. All the routes will be fully supported with bike mechanics, volunteer route marshals, rest stops with food and water, cheering volunteers and more.

Choose your distance and know that every mile helps make a difference. Whether you choose to ride in person or virtually, all the roads we take lead to the same destination to fundraise for a cure. You can also earn fundraising recognition gifts.



Pottawatomie Park, just four blocks north of Main Street downtown St. Charles, is a 92-acre park that offers picnic areas, playgrounds, swimming pools, a 9-hole golf course, paddlewheel riverboat cruises, an 18-hole miniature golf course, sand volleyball and tennis courts, restrooms and more! Take a walk through the beautiful native plant garden. Climb the historic tower to get a bird’s eye view of the Fox River. Or view it like a fish when you rent a pedal boat or kayak. Enjoy snacks from the refreshment stand, then take pictures with the “Shelly” Eggwards sculpture. Pottawatomie Park is your place for summer fun!


Event Schedule

Time  Event 
 5:30AM  2023 Tour de Cure: Chicagoland Tour de Cure Opens! WELCOME BACK RIDERS!
 6:00AM  Grab ‘n Go Breakfast Opens
 6:30AM  63- and 30-Mile Check In Begins
 7:30AM  63- and 30-Mile Starts
 7:30AM  12- and 5-Mile Check In Begins
 8:30AM  12- and 5-Mile Starts
 9:30AM  Kids Zone Opens – Sponsored by Meijer 
 10:00AM  Vendor Check In
 11:00AM  Wellness Village Opens – Sponsored by Edward-Elmhurst Health
 11:30AM  Taco Madre and Buona Beef Open - Free to Cyclists, Volunteers and Partners | Cash/Credit card   for spectators
 12:00PM  Event Announcements – Sponsor, Champion, and Red Rider Shout Outs
 4:00PM  Site & All Tour de Cure Routes Close

Ride with GPS

Tour de Cure now has a Ride with GPS club page. Please use the link below to RSVP for the 2023 Chicagoland Tour de Cure and access premium features such as voice navigation.

Routes & Maps

Tour de Cure now has a Ride with GPS club page. Please use the link below to RSVP for the 2023 Chicagoland Tour de Cure and access premium features such as voice navigation.


Bike Rentals

Bikes and helmets can be rented from Sammy’s Bikes. Please contact Sammy at Sammy's Bikes in St. Charles, IL by phone (630) 444-0690 or email and mention it is for the Chicagoland Tour de Cure.



As you enter Pottawatomie Park on North Avenue, on the righthand side you will see a grass parking area at the top of the hill (signs will lead you to parking areas). You and your guests are welcome to park in the grass parking area. If this lot is full, please make your way down North Avenue until you hit the Fox River (this parking lot is the Paddlewheel Riverboat parking lot).

Please refer to the map below with the yellow X on the parking lots in which you are free to park.  Please be aware, parking space is limited in both areas. If you cannot find parking in these areas, please park in any of the other lots located on-site. Again, parking is limited, please arrive earlier than expected.



Please remember, we ride rain or shine, so please come prepared with the appropriate clothing(even though we’re hoping for perfect event conditions). Rain will not stop us from executing the Tour De Cure. In the event of extreme weather (lightning, tornado, etc.) we will make a formal

announcement by text, email, social media, and on our website as to whether the event needs to be canceled or postponed, but it will only be done so for extreme circumstances.


St. Charles Park District Rules & SafetySt. Charles Park District strives to offer a pleasant experience for all guests. Rules are established to offer a clean and safe environment for everyone. Please obey all rules to ensure a safe and fun experience while visiting. St. Charles Park District and the American Diabetes Association is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Violation of any rules may result in serious injury and/or immediate removal from a park or facility.


Alcohol & Smoke-Free Parks Policy

The Park Board has determined that it is in the best interest of the health, safety and welfare of all persons using Park District property, including all outdoor parks, facilities, buildings and vehicles, that alcohol and smoking are prohibited. This prohibition on smoking, including vaping, in outdoor parks shall not apply to parking lots, personally-owned vehicles and the Pottawatomie Golf Course. 


Carry In/Carry Out Leave No Trace Etiquette

The parks belong to everyone! Help keep parks and facilities clean. All guests are asked to remove garbage and recyclables during each visit. In the 2021 community survey, 85% of respondents indicated supporting the collection of garbage and recyclables at large outdoor locations as the amount of garbage and recyclables impacts maintenance time, critter control (rodents, raccoons, etc.), park beautification and overall costs. Thanks for supporting this new initiative.


Sportsmanship Policy

The St. Charles Park District is committed to promoting a safe, clean and fun environment for all participants and guests.


Photo & Video Policy

Photos and videos are often taken of people participating in Park District programs and activities. All persons registering for a program or using public park properties or facilities thereby agree that any photograph or videotape taken by staff or hired freelancers may be used in publicizing and promoting the Park District including its electronic/social media, videotapes, brochures, flyers and other publications without additional, prior notice or permission and without compensation to the participant. Staff does not use any identification in marketing materials. Persons on public property who do not want to be photographed or videotaped should tell the photographer.


Contact Us

2023 Tour de Cure: Chicagoland
Event Contact: Kayla Carter/Olivia Martin
Event Contact's Phone: 312-346-1805 x6562
Event Contact's Email:


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The American Diabetes Association is the nation's leading 501(C)3 nonprofit charity providing diabetes research, information and advocacy.

Tour de Cure is the premier fundraising campaign of the American Diabetes Association ®, now with virtual engagement designed for anyone and everyone to participate. The campaign has been expanded to include more members of our community and bring them together to learn about diabetes, healthy living and to support people living with diabetes. Tour de Cure is a unique opportunity for businesses, clubs, friends and families to form virtual teams with the vision of a life free of diabetes and all its burdens.

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