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Evan Gumbs

It was a small shop but still a lot of items picked their attention. Sara tried to convince Chiyo to buy a vibrating strap-on but it was too expensive for her. There was some fetish clothing, including latex and very revealing lingerie that again outpriced their "budget". They contented themselves with a couple of anal beads and a new, larger dildo for Chiyo.

Afterwards they had lunch at a vegan restaurant and returned to campus. Now at noon things were already at their normal pace. People were exercising, jogging and playing sports, but some of them were having sex in the open. They passed through a line of six girls who were on their knees, fully nude and available for anyone who wanted to use either of their holes. A dominatrix wearing only a leather thong and black boots stood by them, a strap-on proudly swaying. She would regularly lube them, and offer them some water as to not dehydrate them under the hard sun. Occasionally someone would stop and either fuck them in any of their holes or suck them in any of their holes. By now some of their pussies and assholes were creampieing visibly, which didn't stop people from using them.

As they headed to the northern dormitories they heard a cacophony, and in a corridor they saw a threesome taking place. A towel had been set on the floor, and two men were simultaneously banging a third man's ass. One was under him and the other was crouching above him, and both pistoned his ass as if there was no resistance there. Drops of lube smudged his ass. The bottom was completely silent, too entranced in that heavenly penetration to be able to voice his pleasure. The cacophony came from the tops, who were loudly moaning and cursing and occasionally slapping the bottom's ass.

"Can your ass take that?" Chiyo smiled at Sara .

Sara blushed. "Not yet, I think. But I will train hard so that someday I will be able to".

The northern dormitories were situated on a slope, with some large houses and a couple buildings similar to the one Chiyo and Sara lived. The buildings had beautiful street art on their sides, mostly featuring luscious women and men in sexual acts. From one of the buildings there was loud music, and they figured out it was some form of party. They didn't really know anyone who lived in this area so they hoped they would be accepted in the party .

When they reached there, they found it wasn't exactly a party. It was an orgy. It covered the entire building apparently, in all its four floors. There were some drinks and snacks on a table but they were left ignored as most people only had sex in their minds. Chiyo and Sara had seen orgies taking place in the campus, but not on this scale. It seemed like everyone who lived in the building was performing in it. It was hotter inside than on the outside, and the smell of sweat, cum and other juices permeated the air .

Chiyo went to talk to a guy who was watching the orgy, leaning on a wall and drinking some beer.

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