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For the uninitiated, it may come as a surprise to learn that cyclists typically do not wear underwear beneath their bike shorts. In fact, in order to get the full cushioning benefit of the chamois that is sewn into the shorts, wearing anything else is discouraged. You can imagine, therefore, that the panties that I had on under my shorts were somewhat distracting. Not in a bad way, in fact, maybe in a slightly naughty way, a constant reminder of the completely unexpected turn of events of the day !

I let myself into my nephew's home and searched the refrigerator, making a plan for dinner as well as a shopping list which would get me through the next few days of my visit. It was obvious that my tastes were somewhat less sophisticated than his, and I certainly did not want to take advantage of his generous offer to stay on after his departure .

As the sun began to set, the temperature dropped to a point where it was noticeably cooler in the house. Rather than turn the heat up, I opted to spend the evening in the den where I was able to light a fire in the wood stove. Within half an hour, the stove was hot, and the room was toasty, almost too hot. It was a good time to take a shower, given the fact that I would be able to return to this very warm spot afterward. I put another log in the stove and then shut the door before making my way to the bathroom .

There were fresh towels and all of the toiletries that one could imagine in the guest bathroom. After adjusting the temperature of the water and turning on the spray, I stepped back and peeled my clothes off, pausing briefly in only the panties. I stepped in front of the mirror to catch a glimpse of them, noting how my cock was nestled in the soft, feminine lace. And then I watched as I slowly slid the waist band over my hips. That was all it took for my cock to be stimulated. It began to grow and was soon standing straight and hard, tipped up slightly at an angle, ready for whatever pleasure might come its way.

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