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Gricelda Curmi

Gricelda Curmi

Cindy returned to her desk from her first belt-induced orgasm of the day, she settled down and tried to get some work done, while she waited for the arousal mode to shut down. Ever since Steve had adjusted its intensity, it had been a struggle for her to concentrate properly until it completed the cycle. She was shocked! literally and physically, when she received a punishment shock from the belt as the arousal mode ended.
'What the fuck!' she thought as she recovered, squirming at her desk. The shocks delivered to her pussy, ass, nipples and neck were excruciating and it took her quite a while.

As soon as she could, she opened the ChastiWife app on her phone. Sure enough, it showed that the program had been reset to 33. She'd never seen that one before.

Cursing, she got up and went back down to the 7th floor maternity room, for the privacy it provided. By now she considered it her own private space. She prayed every day that no company would come along and rent the office's around her. So far, she'd been lucky.

As soon as she closed the door, she called Steve.

When he answered, her first words were "What the fuck?"

Steve answered immediately, obviously knowing what she was talking about.

"Yes, I changed the program, the new one is the same as its been for months now, but I added the punishment shock, after your orgasm."

"Well set it back!" She practically screamed.

"No," he said, calmly. "Cindy calm down and listen to me. This last weekend, the sex was good, but you seemed a bit uninterested, or perhaps distracted. I got the sense that you were only going through the motions."
He paused to let her think a bit, before continuing. "You know that I've always been afraid that the belt's orgasms are so enjoyable and so frequent that you might come to prefer them over the real thing with me. Well, I got the impression that it was happening. So, I reset the belt's program."

"Steve, you have to set it back. I can't stand the shocks. They're too much to take." Cindy realized that she was whining like a child, but didn't care.

"No. We'll talk about it tonight."

Getting angry, she again, shrieked "Yes, right now!"

"Cindy I'm doing this for us. The belt is too important to our relationship for me to allow it to hurt our sex lives. We'll talk about it at home tonight. I have to go. Remember, I love you."
And he hung up.

Cindy almost lost her mind! She only just barely stopped herself from throwing her cellphone at the wall; she was so very angry.

What the hell was he doing? What was she going to do?

She was locked in the belt and she couldn't change the program. She knew that there would probably be two more sessions with the belt, and two more terrible punishments, before the end of the work day. She had too much work to do to just head home 'sick'.

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