Imagine a Future without Diabetes

A future that is carefree and vibrant.
A future that is long and well-lived.
A future where our loved ones are free of everyday burdens.


What's at Stake

Each year, the Association receive hundreds of research proposals worthy of funding but we can only afford to support a fraction of them. With each study left unfunded, we leave behind building blocks to new discoveries.

Changing Lives

Because of the Association’s commitment to research, our efforts over the past 100 years have contributed to dramatic improvements in treatment and quality of life for people with diabetes. Right now, ADA funded researchers are pioneering new, innovative treatments and discoveries that could revolutionize life for people with diabetes.

Our Competitive Edge

In addition to ADA being the only organization outside of NIH that funds both T1 and T2 research – we fund early-stage ideas and early-stage careers that are not likely to be successful in competing for traditional funding sources, such as NIH.

The ADA fills a niche that no one else does for research relevant to all types of diabetes, diabetes risk states, and complications of diabetes.

An Investment in the Future

The road to discovery can be long and full of ups and downs. And while dead ends and failures are inevitable in science, we can’t achieve success without trying. In science, we never know where the next discovery will arise. That’s why it’s critical that we support the exploration of as many promising ideas as possible.

By supporting scientific exploration and innovation today, we continue to imagine a brighter tomorrow, free from diabetes.

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Together, we can go farther, faster.

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