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Tell Prince George's County Council: Support Healthy Kids' Meals!

Prince George’s County Council is on the verge of passing legislation to provide healthier options for children when they order “kids’ meals” in restaurants. Unfortunately, the restaurant industry is working to block this important legislation.  

Sugary beverages are among the leading sources of added sugar in Americans’ diet. And among youth aged 6-18 who overconsume added sugars, sugary beverages are by far the leading source. The beverages children consume today in Prince George’s County could shape the reality of type 2 diabetes for decades to come.

Let’s make sure the children in our county have the healthiest food and drink options in their bundled kids’ meals. Urge the Prince George’s County Council to support this legislation today!


  • Council Member Monique Anderson-Walker
  • Council Member Thomas Dernoga
  • Council Member Mel Franklin
  • Council Member Jolene Ivey
  • Council Member Rodney Streeter
  • Council Member Todd Turner


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Pass CB-071-2020 & support healthy kids' meals

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a Prince George's County resident and someone who cares about the health of our county's children, I urge you to pass CB-071-2020. This legislation would define a healthy kids' meal and require the default beverage in these bundled meals to include water, nonfat milk, or another healthy alternative.

Thank you for your leadership on this important issue.

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