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Tell Gov. Cuomo: Make Insulin Affordable

Urge Governor Cuomo to support both access to insulin and funding to prevent type 2 diabetes. We need your voice to make sure Governor Cuomo understand the importance of these issues—take action today!   

If the Governor signs S6492B into law, New Yorkers could get emergency refills of insulin if a prescription has expired. It would also require that the state explore creating a drug assistance program for insulin. In addition, we want to help maintain funding for type 2 diabetes prevention in New York.   

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Dear [Decision Maker],

During this unprecedented health crisis, I urge you to help New Yorkers with diabetes by supporting both Senate Bill 6492B and funding to prevent type 2 diabetes.

As New York faces this health crisis, making insulin more affordable and accessible, and working to prevent type 2 diabetes are essential. I urge you to support S6492B and to maintain level funding for New York's diabetes and obesity programs.

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