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Tell New Hampshire Representatives: Reduce the Cost of Insulin!

Insulin prices are skyrocketing, with the cost tripling between 2002 and 2013 alone. This is WRONG. New Hampshire’s HB 1280 would cap the cost for insulin drugs to not exceed $100 a month and to make insulin coverage not subject to a deductible. Tell the House of Representatives to reduce the cost of insulin by completing the fields below!

We need your help to pass this legislation so Granite Staters whose lives depend on insulin are helped as soon as possible.


  • State Representative Joyce Weston
  • State Representative John Potucek
  • State Representative Jason Osborne
  • State Representative Connie Van Houten
  • State Representative Mark Warden
  • State Representative Laurie Sanborn
  • State Representative Christopher 'Chris' Herbert
  • State Representative Christy Bartlett
  • State Representative Kristina Fargo
  • State Representative Richard Abel
  • State Representative John Hunt
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Dear [Decision Maker],

As someone who cares about Granite Staters affected by the skyrocketing cost of insulin, I urge you to act. Please support HB 1280 so the cost of insulin would not exceed $100 a month for all of a person's insulin prescriptions, regardless of any applicable deductibles, for people with state-regulated health insurance.

Please support HB 1280 to help reduce the cost of insulin. Granite Staters whose lives depend on insulin are relying on your leadership.

Thank you for your support on this important issue.

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