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Texas: Protect Insurance Coverage!

The Texas House Insurance Committee is considering legislation that would implement protections for short term limited duration health insurance plans, which can harm Texans living with diabetes and other conditions. Ask your representative to support House Bill 2507 today!

Please take a moment to personalize your letter to explain the impact diabetes has had on your life. Stories always make a better case than statistics, and personalized emails will always have an even greater impact than form e-mails.


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Vote yes on HB 2507

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I stand with the American Diabetes Association in asking you to support HB 2507.

House Bill 2507 would protect consumers by: (1) ensuring short-term, limited duration plans are limited to 3 months, and are not renewable within 275 days following the expiration of the plan, (2) providing substantial notice and disclosure that these plans are not ACA compliant, and (3) require the insurer to maintain coverage for the entirety of the plan.

Stand up for Texans with diabetes and other conditions and vote "yes" on HB 2507. Thank you for your consideration.

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