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Tell Your Senators: Reject Dangerous Healthcare Bill

The Senate is set to vote on new healthcare bill soon, and we need your help. This bill would lead to much more expensive insurance AND worse coverage for people with diabetes and other pre-existing conditions.

The House already passed a healthcare bill that does just that, and the Senate could do the same if we don’t speak up now. Tell your senators that folks with pre-existing conditions should not pay more for health insurance. Urge them to reject the health care bill and any legislation that doesn’t provide adequate coverage and protections for people with diabetes.

If this bill becomes law, states could allow insurers to cover fewer essential health benefits like prescription drugs and more. Medicaid would also be drastically altered, harming low-income families and individuals. This legislation would hurt people with diabetes and everyone who needs healthcare most. We need to make sure the Senate hears from us.

How has the Affordable Care Act improved life for you or your loved ones? Please share your story by personalizing the email.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

People with diabetes and other health conditions need access to affordable, quality health care. As your constituent, I am deeply concerned about the Senate health care bill, and any legislation that erodes the benefits and protections for people with diabetes. It would let insurers cover fewer essential health benefits like prescription medications and more. This is wrong, and I hope you will oppose the healthcare legislation.

Diabetes and its complications can be managed, and type 2 diabetes can often be prevented--if there is access to and availability of adequate and affordable health insurance. If the ACA is repealed and is not replaced by legislation that protects the benefits and protections laid out in the law, your constituents will suffer. I urge you to support your constituents and reject the American Health Care Act, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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