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Will You Join Our Team?

Diabetes Advocates are preparing to take Washington by storm and urge Congress to fund diabetes research and programs.  

We’re counting on you to help amplify the message. Will you send a quick note to tell Congress it’s time to step it up and make diabetes a priority?

Stories always make a better case than statistics, and personalized emails will always have an even greater impact than form e-mails. Personalizing your letter is extremely important! 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I ask you to make diabetes a top priority. On April 7, Diabetes Advocates with the American Diabetes Association will be visiting Congress to advocate for people with diabetes. Echoing their voices, I urge you to support:

Please seize the moment and help Stop Diabetes®. Thank you for considering this request and for helping to change the future of diabetes in our country.

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