Congress: Prioritize the Special Diabetes Program

SDP has already produced advances in halting and reversing the complications of diabetes; progress in identifying environmental triggers of type 1 diabetes; and a 28% reduction in the incidence of end-stage renal disease in the Native American communities – among its many accomplishments. But more work must be done on behalf of the nearly 26 million Americans with diabetes and the 79 million more with prediabetes!

That is why it is essential to ensure Congress renew funding for SDP!

Your Members of Congress need to hear from you about this crucial program right now.

Please take a moment to personalize your letter to explain the impact diabetes has had on your life. Stories always make a better case than statistics, and personalized e-mails will have an even greater impact than form e-mails. Personalizing your letter is extremely important!


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Please support reauthorizing the Special Diabetes Program

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I stand with the American Diabetes Association in urging you to support reauthorization of the Special Diabetes Programs at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Indian Health Service (IHS) this year.

It is vital for Congress to reauthorize these programs this fall. Renewing the program for three years with $150 million per program per year would ensure the vital research and programs to prevent, manage and cure diabetes continue at NIH and IHS. Failure to act will mean turning our efforts to closing down essential research and treatment efforts.

The two programs, the Special Statutory Funding Program for Type 1 Diabetes Research at NIH and the Special Diabetes Program for Indians at the Indian Health Service, represent a significant proportion of the federal government's commitment to stop the diabetes epidemic that engulfs 26 million Americans with diabetes and threatens 79 million more with prediabetes.

In some Native American communities, one in two adults has diabetes. In others, there are effective programs through Special Diabetes Program for Indians that are reducing the prevalence of diabetes and its horrendous complications including blindness, kidney failure, amputation - and death. It is critical we continue to support proven diabetes prevention and treatment services and care for populations most impacted by this devastating disease.

I hope you will support efforts to stop diabetes and pledge to reauthorize for the Special Diabetes Program before the end of this year.

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